Digital Arts & Creative Technology


This year we have teamed up with FACT in Liverpool to create and deliver digital workshops across rural areas of Cheshire East.  FACT is a cinema, art gallery and the UK’s leading organisation for the support & exhibition of film, art and new media and they do world-leading digital outreach to young people.  Many thanks to EU Leader for funding this project.

The FACT FUTURES project will explore the future of working life in rural areas by making prototype Internet of Things (IoT) sensing devices and using these to explore and question the world around us.  IoT is a great way to connect rural areas and share data across the region.


For this project we are focusing on the use of Internet of Things (IoT) technologies, citizen science and environmental health. IoT devices are placed in both the real world and on the internet and tell us things about the the environment around us and suggest how we can relate and respond to it.

We will visit schools in rural areas (so far we are booked into Sandbach and Congleton – we still have some workshops available to offer for free so if you are interested in us coming to your school then please get in touch!) The students will prototype and deploy an air quality sensor unit to measure the air quality at their school, to place this information online and then visualise the data collected.  The students will act as designers, coders, citizen scientists, digital artists and makers through the series of workshops.

The students will get kits to build and code – we are busy ordering all the parts now. We also have a mobile 3D printer and laser cutter so the students can design and create weatherproof housing for the sensor units, so they can leave them outside at school to collect data.

We will keep you updated as the kit arrives and as we test out the workshops!


FACT Futures is a collaboration between SHIFT ( and FACT

(, running from November 2017 – November 2018. It is part of a

wider-region project to upskill and network the creative digital economy in Cheshire East and

offers a chance for ongoing growth and collaboration in this area.

If you are interested in the programme and want to hear more please contact, Adam Sadiq, Futures Learning Technologist at FACT on