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Plants & Synths at Just So festival

This August new media and electronic artist Laura Pullig brought her plants & synths workshop to Just So festival as part of the SHIFT summer programme.

These workshops allow people to build their own plant synths and make weird sounds with plants, leaves and moss.  Laura has created a plant synth kit, a paper based synth you can play by manipulating plants, leaves or moss. The kit was made as part of a research and development project exploring the theme of ‘Plants as Performers’. The project investigates the concept of plants as interfaces and performers and how people can engage with the environment by analogue electronics and simple digital systems, initially by using plants as sensors.

Check out this video of a moss plant synth in action:

Laura’s plant synths have recently been featured in Re-Dock‘s new book Critical Kits and How We Use them, which explores how artistic practices use the production and distribution of ‘kit’s and what the implications of this could be.