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EU Code Week – Google Grant success!

Here at SHIFT HQ we are super excited to receive a #GrowWithGoogle grant to run Digital and Creative Technology workshops this October as part of @CodeWeekEU !

Computer science education is booming across Europe as it is being increasingly recognized as critical to young people’s academic preparation for the new global economy. Many children and young people do not have access to the the opportunity to develop the technical skills needed to master the jobs of the future. And we want to change that!

Since 2014 Google have supported Europe Code Week, providing sponsorships to organisations running initiatives with the aim of introducing students to computer science, and SHIFT (Cheshire East Council) is the only UK project to be awarded this funding for 2018. There are 25 organizations in 21 countries that have achieved funding with a goal to get over 32,000 children and young people excited about computer science.

SHIFT, in partnership with Cheshire East Libraries, will deliver a range of workshops to give coding opportunitiees across the borough. We aim for this to be the start of regular code clubs at libraries in both rural and town areas, to keep Europe Code Week’s momentum going!

The workshops will run between 6-20 October 2018 – check the events section of the website for activities.

If you are interested in getting involved contact us for more information.

Happy Coding!! 🙂