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Hosted by Lateral Office and CS Design

Open daily 3pm – 8pm on weekdays & 11am – 8pm on weekends…

Wave-Field, a world-famous interactive art installation in the form of illuminated music generating seesaws, is embarking on a tour of the north of England, from October to December.

Cheshire East will host it in Lyceum Square, in Crewe, from 21 November until 1 December. This is a free event that will be open from 3pm – 8pm on weekdays and 11am – 8pm on weekends.

The giant illuminated seesaws, originating from Canada, ‘encourage interpersonal relationships with strangers and consolidate existing relationships between friends and family’, according to creators Lateral Office and CS Design, and features futuristic soundscape by Mitchell Akiyama.

Wave-Field is intended as a playful installation that makes art accessible to all. Residents and visitors are encouraged to become active participants in the art. When motionless, the seesaws are dimly lit and emit a low sound, inviting passers-by to participate. When set in motion, the seesaws burst into sound and light, which becomes richer as more users partner up, encouraging interactions and ‘the development of relationships, new and old’.

Come along and play on these fun, interactive art works!


//21 November until 1 December // Free entry // Venue: Lyceum Square, Crewe // 3pm-8pm on weekdays & 11am – 8pm on weekends//