Digital Arts & Creative Technology


Hosted by Wavemaker

We are thrilled to launch our new programme of events with Crewe Town Council in association with Wavemaker, called ‘Make SHIFT Crewe’.

Wavemaker will be setting up their mobile digital laboratory where young makers will be able to try the following activities:

Electronic orchestra

Using our Makey Makey devices, we’ll demonstrate and discuss simple circuits and the differences between parallel and serial circuit design and functions, as well as switches. Participants will be able to create their own circuits to create their choice of music. Play a music masterpiece with fruit and play-doh!

Robot Coding challenge

This showcase will be a hands on introduction on what we need programming for and why it is an important skill for the future.

Participants will get to programme, control and navigate a spherical robot through a maze / set course. Prize for the quickest time!

Intro to 3D Printing and Manufacture

This fun and engaging session focuses on 3D Design, Printing and manufacture. A discussion and demonstration on current and future technologies will be followed by a chance for learners to get hands on with 3D design software and techniques. Using the Wavemaker iPads pre loaded with 3D design apps and software participants will get a have a play and create some unique 3D pieces.

See the full programme of the Wavemaker van across Crewe over the summer here: