Digital Arts & Creative Technology

Crewecraft – building the heritage of Crewe in Minecraft

Hosted by Gemma May Latham


Crewecraft is a fantastic new project for young people in Crewe to learn about the heritage and historic buildings of the town by recreating them in Minecraft  three-dimensional digital formats.

Working with digital artist Gemma Latham, and supported by Cheshire Archives, in the sessions you will learn about the history of the town as you reconstruct the designs of old buildings and landmarks within digital worlds.

Based at Crewe Library, it brings together history, heritage, architecture and digital design in one exciting and fun learning experience, and you will also complete your Arts Award qualification as part of attending the sessions.

Workshops take place in at Crewe Library, and are now fully booked, but don’t worry if you missed out on these sessions – we have five days of public events, incorporating four workshops each day during holiday periods: Sat 8 Jul (part of trAction Festival), Mon 31 Jul, Sat 5 Aug, Sat 12 Aug, Mon 14 Aug .

The whole project is part of the SHIFT programme, which celebrates and promotes digital learning, skills and development across the borough for all age groups.

Sessions and workshops for young people in groups of 10 – 12, will take place at Crewe Library from 8 May – 25 September.

Completed maps and resources, including photographs, video and archive material, will go on display at Crewe Library in December.


The Heritage Lottery Fund ‘Young Roots’ programme awarded almost £26,000 to fund the project, which is being delivered as part of SHIFT by Cheshire East Council’s cultural economy team, Cheshire Archives and public libraries . The money is raised by National Lottery players.