Digital Arts & Creative Technology

Creative Creatures e-textile workshop

Hosted by Laura Pullig

Come along to this fun e-textile workshop and create your own creative creatures and magnificent monsters with glowing LED eyes!

Invent your own creation or create one inspired by your favourite computer game – get creative with textiles and tech this Summer, with our friends at the Silk Museum.

This session is delivered by artist Laura Pullig who brings a wealth of experience and creativity to her practice connecting her passion for old (textiles) and new (technology) to create fun and interactive e-textile workshops.

Bookable sessions from 10am-11am // 11.30am-12.30pm // 1pm-2pm // 2.30pm-3.30pm

Free e-textile workshops, materials provided, limited space available – call 01625 612045 to secure a place!


e-textile monster           

About the Artist- Laura Pullig

Laura’s practice encompasses building responsive sculptures and working on participatory arts projects. She create pieces that are responsive to people’s interaction and that respond to environmental changes, using sound, kinetics and light. Laura is especially interested in the links between science, technology and art.

Technology is often seen as something that alienates or distracts people from the environment, but Laura is interested in using it to re-enchant people with nature and natural systems. Her methodology relates to an interest in participation; using materials and techniques that can be applied to working with others. The materials she uses to prototype ideas are accessible and affordable, often combining the use of technology with craft techniques. Laura is interested in using technology that is perceived as basic or old in combination to achieve new ideas. This does not mean ruling out other more technological methods of working or production and further development of ideas using more complex technology. Laura’s influences include responsive architecture and e-textiles.